A discontinuance is when you formally drop all classes prior to the end of the semester or term. If you discontinue after the semester add/drop deadline, 'W's' are posted to the transcript for the semester/term, which will affect both maximum attempted hours and completion percent SAP calculations (see SAP). All discontinued classes become susceptible to the repeat policy (see Repeat Policy). Prior to discontinuing, we encourage you to meet with a OneStop Counselor. For the step by step process and the needed forms please go to the OneStop Discontinuance Checklist.  

The impact on federal aid depends on the type of aid and the time period in which the discontinuance occurs.

Pell Grant
  • You must provide proof you began attendance in all classes.
  • If no proof of attendance is provided, you must pay back 100% of your Pell.
  • If you provide proof of attendance in one or more classes, your Pell will first
    be adjusted based on the credit hours attended.
  • Then, an R2T4* calculation will be completed based on your discontinuance 
    date, and you may be required to return an additional portion of your Pell.
Direct Loans
  • You must provide proof you began attendance in at least one class.
  • If no proof of attendance is provided, you must pay back 100% of your loans.
  • If you provide proof of attendance an R2T4* calculation will be completed 
    based on your discontinuance date, and you may be required to return
    all or a  portion of your loans.
  • All future disbursements will be canceled.
  • New loans must be requested via YMessage.

*When federal financial aid funds are disbursed, the expectation is that the student will attend the entire period of enrollment for which the funds were awarded. If students only complete a portion of the semester or term, they have only earned a portion of their federal financial aid. In some cases, this means that funds must be returned to the government, otherwise known as Return of Title IV Funds (R2T4).