Former & Continuing Student Scholarships

Former and continuing undergraduate degree-seeking students are eligible to apply for undergraduate scholarships. Former students receive consideration as continuing students.


Continuing Student Academic Criteria

Continuing Student academic criteria are determined at the beginning of the awarding process, and therefore cannot be published in advance. Former students receive consideration as continuing students as long as they have previously completed a minimum of 12.0 credits of regular BYU coursework.

The Fall 2019/Winter 2020 continuing student academic scholarship consideration is based upon a student's completion of at least 12.0 BYU credit hours as a day continuing student by the end of Fall 2018 semester. The BYU cumulative GPA (does not include transfer work) must meet the cutoff in order for a scholarship to be awarded. (Majors must be declared by the February 1 scholarship deadline.)

Cutoffs are determined by ranking students in their colleges and awarding scholarships until there are no more funds. Cutoffs vary from year to year. 

  • In the past, we have listed the previous year’s GPA cutoffs for academic scholarships to give students a general idea where they fall. We have discontinued this practice as it is too difficult to predict the academic performance of students.