Law/MSM Students


Cost of Attendance

The official Cost of Attendance is used to calculate eligibility for federal loan programs. Federal, BYU, and Private Loans cannot exceed the Cost of Attendance. For more information, please see 'Cost of Attendance'.

2017-18 Cost of Attendance  


Two Semesters Marriott/Law
LDS Tuition $12,680
Non-LDS Tuition $25,360
Room and Board $12,392
Books and Supplies $1,816
Personal Expenses $3,588
Transportation $2,788
Loan Fees $208
LDS Total $33,472
Non-LDS Total $46,152

Federal Loans

Direct Unsubsidized Loans and Direct GradPLUS Loans are available to Marriott School graduate and Law School students. For more information on these loans, please see 'Federal Loans'. 

BYU Loans

In addition to federal financial aid, BYU offers institutional loans for Marriott School graduate students (MSM Loan) and Law School students (Woolley Law Loan). 

Marriott School of Management (MSM Loan)

  • First year: Up to $8500; Second year: Up to $7000
  • Annual interest rate: 6.25% (6 month grace period for repayment)
  • Must be enrolled full-time (at least 8.5 credits)
  • MSM Loan automatically offered after students have accepted all Direct Unsubsidized Loans
  • Executive MBA/MPA programs are not eligible

Woolley Law Loan

  • Students who sign-up for any Bar prep course can submit documentation of cost in order to receive a Woolley Law Loan to cover expenses. 
  • Woolley Loan automatically offered after students have completed all summer externship application processing. Loan eligibility is based on number of approved credit hours.
  • Annual interest rate: 6.25% (9 month grace period for repayment)

Private Loans

Students who are not eligible for federal/institutional aid, or who need additional funding, can apply for a private loan through a banking institution. Please see 'Alternative/Private Loans' for more information. 


Steve Hamberger is the financial aid counselor assigned to Marriott School Graduate and Law School students.

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