Repeated Courses

Financial Aid Repeat Policy

Students may receive federal financial aid for a class only two times: when the course is taken for the first time and when the course is repeated for the first time. After a class has been taken twice, the course credits no longer count towards eligibility. This policy applies if the student withdraws from the class after the semester add/drop deadline, earns a grade in the class (A, B, C, D, E) or does not earn a grade in the class (NS, I). This policy does not apply to courses listed with an R-suffix (e.g. STDEV 214R). 

For example:

Scholarship Repeat Policy

There is not a repeat policy for scholarships. 


University Repeat Policy

Beginning Fall 2011, students may repeat any course taken at BYU. However, all grades will be averaged into the grade point average (GPA) and all credit will be counted. BYU does not remove the previous credit or grade from the transcript or the GPA calculations once a class has been repeated.

Screen shot of a schedule

Fall Semester 2013

Engl 150 3.0 E

BIOL 100 3.0 A