Walkaway Students

Failing to earn a passing grade in at least one class (receiving a 0.00 GPA) during a semester/term is known as an unofficial withdrawal. At BYU, unofficial withdrawals are called walkaways. 

Walkaway students must document:

  1. That they began attendance as follows:
    • For Pell Grant recipients—in every class that counted toward their Pell award (except for 'I' grades)
    • For walkaways who only received Direct Loan funds—in at least one class.
  2. last date of attendance or last date of an academically related activity, from the class they attended the longest.

Acceptable Documentation:

  • Printout from Learning Suite or Gradebook (full page that includes web address), showing class and dates. **Note: The Financial Aid Office will check Learning Suite (for proof of attendance only) and Testing Center (for proof of attendance and latest date recorded). 
  • Copy of an assignment signed by the professor.
  • Signed statement from the professor confirming attendance (on BYU letterhead if possible.)
  • Email from professor confirming attendance and/or last date of attendance, sent to fadocs@byu.edu.
  • Class notes, dated and signed by the professor.

Documents may be submitted to OneStop Student Services, D-155 ASB, and through YMessage. The deadline to submit this documentation is 30 days after the end of the enrollment period. Once this deadline is passed, no further documentation will be accepted.

Depending on the documented last date of attendance, none, some, or all of the student's financial aid may be canceled and they would have to repay that amount.