Marriage & Financial Aid

Anticipating marriage in the coming school year?

You have the option to update your marital status on your original FAFSA if your marital status changes on or before June 30th of the academic year in which you are wanting aid. 

If you wish to update your marital status on your FAFSA you must do so before the end of your enrollment for the academic year (which goes from fall-summer). Any additional Pell Grant you may become eligible for will be awarded retroactively. 

We strongly advise you to consider your options carefully before filing your FAFSA or making any changes.

Please consider the following before submitting your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA):

  • Eligibility for federal Pell Grant and Subsidized Direct Loans depends on how much financial need you have. Independent students, according to the FAFSA definition, do not report parental income on the FAFSA. Therefore, independent students frequently, but not always, appear to have more financial need.
  • If you are already considered Independent on the FAFSA and are receiving the maximum Pell award, there is no advantage to updating your marital status on the FAFSA. 
  • To help determine whether you should apply before or after your wedding, go to Supply the data first as if you are single, then as if you are married, and compare the estimated eligibility. Remember, the results are simply estimates and do not constitute an application for aid.

If you would like to meet with a OneStop Counselor, to ask questions and/or determine eligibility, you may schedule an appointment by calling (801) 422-7075.

New Maried Tips

Do: Include spouse's financial information. 

Include monetary help from parents and/or wedding fits as untaxed income. 

Don''t use your married name on the fafsa unless it is changed with the social secuirty administration