Bachelor of General Studies

As a Bachelor of General Studies student, you may be eligible for federal financial aid for courses taken through Independent Study or courses taken on campus.

Independent Study

To determine your federal aid eligibility for Independent Study courses, you must:

  1. Be formally admitted to the BGS program, including completing STDEV 100 out of pocket (no federal aid).
  2. Submit a FAFSA at
  3. Send a message through My Financial Center or meet with a OneStop Counselor for an estimation of your financial aid awards.

**Please note that actual Pell eligibility will be much lower than what FAFSA estimates. FAFSA estimations are based on attending as a regular day continuing student.**


On-Campus Courses

Federal aid for BGS students taking on-campus courses is awarded after the add/drop deadline of the semester/term. Tuition must be paid out of pocket or through a short-term loan.


BGS Pell Grants

Max Pell payment is 1/2 of your annual pell award you can take 12 credits of independ study per year or 6 credits on campus per semester. Send a message through my financial center or meet with a onesop counselor for an award estmiation. 


INdependent study disbursements

first disbursement 25% of lessons in every course submitted. Second disbursement 75% of the lessons in every course submtited. 

Send a message through my financial center when it is time for your disbursement!