BYU Salt Lake Center

A More Excellent Way Tuition Grants

On a limited basis, A More Excellent Way tuition grants are available through the BYU Salt Lake Center if you are registering for credit. The application is available through the BYU Salt Lake Center website or directly here. If you wish to apply for an award, you must do so by the following deadlines:

Semester/Term Application Deadline
Fall August 1
Winter December 1
Spring and Summer April 1

The funds available, number of applicants, and individual need as described in the application determine awards. To be eligible, you must be enrolled for 5 or more semester hours during spring and summer terms. eMPA students may be eligible for an award for spring term if they are enrolled for 3 credit hours. 

Federal Pell Grants and Student Loans

To be eligible for any federal financial aid, students must be formally admitted to Brigham Young University (not just the Salt Lake Center).

Admitted undergraduate students may apply for:

  • Pell Grants
  • Stafford Loans
  • BYU Short-term Loans

Graduate students may apply for Stafford Loans.

You may take classes at both the BYU Provo campus and the BYU Salt Lake Center and combine these hours to qualify for federal financial aid.