Scholarship Contracts

  • Contract

There are two types of contracts available: a contract for a 28 hour alternative and a contract for those who are graduating. Scholarship contracts may not be used for athletic or off-campus scholarships.

28 Hour Alternative

Students who are awarded a fall and winter scholarship may adjust their credit hour requirement for a total of 28.0 or more credits between the two semesters as long as no enrollment is below 12 credit hours. 

Final Enrollment

Students who are graduating may receive a reduction to the credit hour requirement for the semester immediately preceding their graduation. Scholarships will be prorated. 

  • If you have a departmental scholarship and will be enrolled for less than 12.0 credits, you will need to contact the department/college that awarded the scholarship.

How to Submit a Contract

Log in to My Financial Center and use the Financial Aid/Scholarships drop down menu to find your Scholarship Summary. Contract options are found under your Manage Scholarship menu in the upper right-hand corner.