Scholarship FAQs

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General Information

Why does BYU give scholarships?

BYU offers scholarships as an investment in the education of select students who have demonstrated a serious and diligent commitment to academic excellence.  By accepting the gift of a scholarship, you pledge to use the investment wisely to prepare for meaningful service in the world and the Lord's kingdom.

Where does BYU receive its scholarship funds?

About 70% of the university's scholarships are funded through the tithes of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  The other 30% come from generous donations from friends of the university.  We consider these funds sacred and feel a keen responsibility to adminster them wisely.

If students do not claim their scholarships, does the money go unused?

Years of experience and carefully documented history show that a percentage of students do not claim their scholarships.  Consequently, BYU actually over-awards scholarships initially to allow for the claim rate.

Scholarship Eligibility

If I didn't receive a scholarship as a new freshman, am I eligible for future awards?

BYU scholarships are awarded on an annual basis.  Not receiving a scholarship in an academic year does not preclude the possibility of receiving one in the future.  However, you must apply each year by the appropriate deadline to be considered.  The number of scholarships awarded depends upon available funding and the qualifications of the applicants relative to each other.

How will receiving a scholarship from a non-BYU agency affect my eligibility for a BYU award?

When making academic scholarship decisions, the university does not consider financial aid from outside sources.  However, for need-based awards, the university evaluates each applicant's financial situation, including assistance from other scholarship sources.

May I receive more than one BYU scholarship at a time?

Because scholarship funds are limited, the university prefers to award as many students as possible rather than award a few students many scholarships.  Students rarely receive more than one scholarship, although colleges and departments occassionally will supplement a student's university award.

Are there scholarships for part-time students?

Because scholarship funds are limited, they are intended for full-time students.  However, during your last semester or terms before graduation, you may have your scholarship minimum hour requirement reduced and your scholarship prorated.

Must I declare a major to be eligible for scholarships?

Because cutoffs are determined by college, you must declare a major by the end of your sophomore year to be considered for continuing student scholarships.

Deadlines and Application Procedures

What is the deadline to apply for continuing student scholarships?

March 1.

How do I apply for scholarship?

To be considered for scholarships, you must reapply each year by the March 1 deadline.  This is true even if the deadlines fall within your first enrollment.  To apply, complete the online scholarship application.

If I don't receive a fall/winter scholarship, can I reapply for a winter scholarship?

The university does not award general scholarships for winter semester only, except for new and former students admitted to BYU beginning in winter semester.

Are scholarships renewable?

BYU scholarships are not renewable.  Most BYU scholarships are given for two semesters only.  Unless you have received a four-year award, you must reapply every year by the appropriate deadline.  About half of the students who come to BYU with a one-year scholarship qualify for a scholarship in the second year.

Is the FAFSA required for my scholarship application?

No. However, if students want to be considered for need-based and some private scholarships, they must complete the FAFSA.