Scholarship FAQ 2

General Information

Why does BYU give scholarships?
Where does BYU receive its scholarship funds?
If students do not claim their scholarships, does the money go unused?

Scholarship Eligibility

If I didn't receive a...


Financial Aid Process

How do I apply for financial aid?
What is the timeline for receiving financial aid?
When will I receive my refund (excess financial aid money)?
What is Satisfactory Academic Progress and how does it...

Grants & Loans FAQ 2


How much Pell will I get if I add one more class?
Can I choose to decline my Pell Grant?


What is a PLUS loan?
What is the difference between a subsidized Stafford Loan and an unsubsidized Stafford...

Apply for Grants and Loans

What is an FSA ID?
Am I eligible to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool?
What if I file a tax extension?
How does the FAFSA determine how much aid I can get?
My parents do not support me financially, so why does the FAFSA consider me "dependent...

Ver FAQs

I was selected for verification. What do I have to do?
Why was I selected for verification?
Do I have to go through the Verification process?
How do I submit documents?
What is a Tax Return Transcript?
Can't I just submit...