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Complete the BYU Scholarship Application online.

We encourage all students to complete the online scholarship application, regardless of their circumstances. By completing a minimum of the first three optional sections you will be considered for...

Freshman Scholarships

Prospective new freshmen are eligible to apply for undergraduate scholarships beginning with the term/semester they are admitted. Freshmen must submit all admissions materials to the Admissions Office by the scholarship deadline in order to be...

Scholarship Application

Former and continuing undergraduate degree-seeking students are eligible to apply for undergraduate scholarships. Former students receive consideration as continuing students.

Continuing Student Academic Criteria

Continuing Student academic...

International Student

International students are eligible to be considered for academic scholarships by completing and submitting the online scholarship application by the appropriate scholarship deadline. Application deadlines are available by clicking on the related link...

Department Scholarships 2

Students can receive department and college scholarships in addition to university scholarships. Contact both your department and your college advisement center for additional opportunities. Each department/college determines its own scholarship...


An off-campus scholarship is a scholarship you receive from a granting organization other than BYU. The 529 Savings Plans are also processed through the Financial Aid Office.

BYU cannot process funds for BYU-Idaho or BYU-Hawaii students. Any...

SpSu Scholarships

Spring-summer scholarships awarded by the Financial Aid Office may be:

  • claimed with less than full-time enrollments, even down to half a credit
  • applied toward tuition charges for spring, summer, and/or spring-through-summer-length...

There are two types of contracts available: a contract for a 28 hour alternative and a contract for those who are graduating. Scholarship contracts may not be used for athletic or off-campus scholarships.

Missionary 3

You may defer fall/winter scholarships to serve an LDS mission. Spring/summer scholarships are non-deferrable. To defer your BYU scholarship and your admission to BYU, complete the Admission and Scholarship Deferment Application. 


Transfer student

Transfer students are not eligible for academic scholarships upon initial entrance at BYU.  Transfer students can apply for academic scholarships as Continuing students after having completed at least one full enrollment (12 credit hours) at BYU...

Scholarship Petition

Exceptions are sometimes granted based on individual needs. In making decisions, extenuating circumstances such as serious illness, injury, or disability; death or serious illness in one's own immediate family; and extensive family responsibilities...

Graduate Student Scholarships

Graduate students are not eligible for scholarships awarded through our office.  Graduate students should contact their respective department/college for graduate scholarship opportunities. 

Donating funds

Thank you for your interest in donating to BYU.  If you would like to donate to BYU scholarships, please visit the LDS Philanthropies webpage or contact Brent Sharp at (801) 422-6903.

The student body at BYU is made up of wonderful students...