Consumer Information

Brigham Young University is required to disclose certain information to enrolled and prospective students, parents, employees, and the public. The information below may be disclosed in other ways by the University (email, mailings, publications, websites, etc.), but it also provided here for convenience. Employees of the University are available, with reasonable notice, to assist students in obtaining consumer information on a full-time basis throughout normal working hours. The University can provide a paper copy of any of the information upon request.

Financial Aid Information:

General Information:

Preventing Drug and Alcohol Abuse Information:

  • Drugs and alcohol standard of conduct
  • 2016 Provo Campus Clery Report
    • Local, state, and federal laws for unlawful possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol
    • Available drug and alcohol counseling, treatment, or rehabilitation programs
    • Health risks associated with the use of illicit drugs and alcohol
    • Standard of conduct: Expulsion, termination of employment, and referral for prosecution

Campus Security and Fire Safety Information:

  • 2016 Provo Campus Clery Report
    • Reporting criminal actions or emergencies
    • Campus security and access to campus facilities
    • Campus law enforcement
    • Campus security procedures and practices
    • Crime prevention
    • Monitoring and recording policy of criminal activity
    • Statement of policy regarding possession, use and sale of alcoholic beverages and enforcement of state underage drinking laws
    • Statement of policy regarding the possession, use and sale of illegal drugs and enforcement of federal and state drug laws
    • Drug or alcohol abuse education programs
    • Sex offense policy
    • Definition of campus security authority
    • Good-faith effort to obtain statistics from the local police department
    • Policy and process for timely warning of crimes
    • Emergency and response evacuation policy
    • Missing persons
    • Fire safety report

Right-To-Know Information:

Other Important Information: